Learn more about the benefits of Aquafitness and all of the equipment Aquatec offers

Introducing Aqua Fitness to Australia

The complete range of Aquaness AquaFitness equipment has arrived in Australia! They are all exclusive to Aquatec. If you want the best in AquaFitness, with 100% design and made in France equipment, you need to come to Aquatec. Have a look at our range of AquaBikes today!

See The AquaNess AquaFitness Range In Action

Want to see how the Aquabike, trampoline or treadmill, can help you achieve your fitness goals? Have a look at our AquaFitness range in action. All are simple to use and are guaranteed to add more fun to your pool exercises.

The Full Range Of AquaFitness Equipment

Aquatec has the full range of Aquaness AquaFitness equipment. From Aquabikes to trampolines and treadmills, there is plenty to choose from. Have a look at our range of AquaFitness equipment today!

How To Get Your Aquabike In and Out of The Pool

Getting your AquaBike in and out of the pool is easy with Aquatec’s AquaBikes. You can use one or two people, in or out of the pool. Here is a step by step how to for you. Have a look at our range of AquaBikes today!

AquaNess Factory Tour

All of the AquaBikes we sell are made in Aquaness’ factory in France. Each one is designed and crafted by the best engineers in French AquaFitness. Check out the factory your new AquaBike is made in this factory tour. Have a look at our range of AquaBikes today!