Lose weight, keep cool with an aquabike


Australia's Best Fitness Regime For A Full-Body Workout Without Breaking A Sweat


Combine the benefits from cycling and water aerobics with AquacyclingSculpt your legs and refine your figure with this fitness activity designed to be gentle on the joints. Aquacycling is known for being effective at fighting against cellulite and improving water retention. Get started with one of our specially designed, ergonomic Aquabikes today! 


Tone your legs and glutes with an Aquatec Treadmill! Help maintain your heart & cardiovascular rates, improve endurance and burn calories by Aquarunning. Aquatec’s Treadmills are designed for any user in mind.
So, whether you are trying it out for the first time or you are a professional athlete, you will get a great workout.


Improve your cardiovascular system, improve balance, and promote deep muscle workout with Aquajumping, and a trampoline from Aquatec. Aquajumping is perfect for any aqua fitness or rehabilitation workouts. The trampolines from Aquatec are specially designed for Aquajumping, allowing you to get the most out of your workout.  

Introducing Aqua Fitness Aquabikes to Australia

Hailing from Europe comes aqua fitness!
Experience the perfect blend of cycling, running or trampolining and water aerobics with aqua fitness. Designed by an Italian physiotherapist, aqua fitness took over Europe, becoming a favourite workout option aside from the usual gymming. No wonder Europeans always look so fit and healthy!  


Aqua fitness has since moved to America, where it has been praised for its ability to fight cellulite, burning around 800 calories an hour, all while leaving you with no soreness the next day! Now it is Australia’s turn to experience what aqua fitness can do.  


Aquatec is here bringing the best aqua fitness equipment straight from France. Our specially designed Aquabikes, Treadmills and Trampolines will provide you with an incredible work out while allowing the water to soothe and relax you. Destress, fight cellulite and tone your legs with aqua fitness equipment from Aquatec.

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Combat cellulite, tone muscles, and lose weight while keeping cool with an Aquabike

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An Aquabike is a specially designed stationary exercise bike that has been made to provide the best experience possible with Aquacycling. Aquabikes are designed to be used while semi-submerged. Cycling in water has been found to be a low impact yet highly dynamic method of exercise. So, these Aquabikes are designed to provide an easy, accessible way to get into AquacyclingThey are suitable for use across a range of pools, including salt water, chlorinated water and fresh water, meaning you can just start using it in your pool! Get started with an Aquatec Aquabikethat is 100% made in France, today!  


Aquabikes are designed to be used by a range of people across multiple fitness levels. Whether you are a beginner or an athlete, you will find that an Aquabike will provide you with a fantastic workout. Aquacycling is a low impact exercise making it perfect for anyone who is recovering from an injury, is overweight, is elderly, suffers reduced mobility, or suffers from impaired balance. An Aquabike will provide an incredible workout for a wide range of people, making it one of the most accessible exercises around. Aquabike are also widely used by health professionals as part of their rehabilitation programs.

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Whether you want an Aquabike for your pool or is a health professional looking to create an Aquacycling gym class, our Aquabikes are for you. Aquatec has a range of Aquabikes that are perfect for any location and workout level. Whether you need your Aquabike for: 

  • A Private Pool 
  • A Public Pool 
  • A Physiotherapy Center 
  • A Fitness Center 
  • A Holiday Resort 
  • A Retirement Village
  • A Hotel 

Our Aquabikes will work perfectly, transforming your workout.  

Benefits Of Aquabiking

icon cardio fitness

Cardio Fitness

icon weight loss

Weight Loss

icon muscle recovery

Muscle Recovery

icon rehabilitation


icon firming and toning

Firming & Toning

icon temperature control

Temperature Control

Aquabikes Are Perfect For

Pre-Workout Warm Up

Aqua fitness offers the perfect pre-workout warm up. By taking advantage of our Aquabikes, Treadmills and Trampolines you can mix the best of both worlds by combining your traditional workout with an aqua fitness pre-workout. Experience the effective cardio fitness benefits in your workout from aqua fitness with an Aquabike from Aquatec.  

Training Programs

Whether you want to include aqua fitness in your training program or begin an aqua fitness training class yourself Aquatec’s Aquabikes, Treadmills and Trampolines are perfect for you. Our Aquabikes are sourced from Aquaness and are 100% French made, guaranteeing quality and high standard finishes. Aqua fitness has begun to take Australia by storm so, if you want to run your own class, now is the perfect time to buy some Aquabikes from Aquatec.  


Aqua fitness provides the perfect post-workout warm down. Take advantage of aqua fitness’ incredible combination of cycling with the calming effects of yoga. Aqua fitness will help you cool down from your main workout while still offering it’s epic ability to fight cellulite and heavy leg sensations. Get your aqua fitness equipment from Aquatec, whether that be an Aquabike, Treadmill or Trampoline, for the perfect post-workout.  

Event Recovery

Aqua fitness is a low impact, highly dynamic exercise that has been proven to be effective in rehabilitation and recovery. As all aqua fitness exercises, whether it be AquacyclingAquarunning, or Aquajumping, are partially submerged aqua fitness places minimal impact strain on the body. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t getting the benefits from a full body workout though! Aqua fitness is perfect for weightloss, general firming and toning. Include it as a part of your recovery process with an Aquabike, Treadmill or Trampoline from Aquatec.

Aquatec is a proud supplier of aquafitness equipment for the rehabilitation centre at the University of Canberra. We supplied trampolines, aquabikes and treadmills in August 2019. Each has been extremely popular, with both the Aquabike and treadmills receiving a lot of usage. The trampoline has also surprised everyone with its challenging work out.

AquaNess Distributor in Australia

Aquatec is An Exclusive Distributor and Reseller of AquaNess Aquabikes and Equipment in Australia

We have formed an exclusive partnership with AquaNess to provide you with the best aqua fitness equipment in the world. Hailing direct out of France, AquaNess’ aqua fitness equipment are 100% French made, guaranteeing quality. For 10 years AquaNess have developed their Aquabikes, Treadmills and Trampolines to create the best possible range of products for all who enjoy aqua fitness. To get the highest quality aqua fitness equipment you need AquaNess, exclusively available at Aquatec.  

How to pick the right aquabike model for you?

Do you need more help deciding on the right Aquabike model for you? We have developed an easy way for you to make the right choice to suit your body type and physical needs. Simply click on the button below for help. If you have any further questions about our Aquabikes, please do not hesitate to contact us!


rave reviews

Elodie was very helpful and responsive to questions, she knows her products inside out and has direct access to the manufacturers. Awesome customer service. Would happily recommend.
Laura Percival
Laura Percival
02:53 07 Oct 19
Great assistance during the installation. The manual was very well explained and Elodie was very present along the way. I'm pleased with the equipment and investment.
Benoît Lepage
Benoît Lepage
13:55 15 Aug 19
Amazing customer service. The lady who served me was Elodie and she did everything she could to find the perfect aquabike for me and my family. We decided to pick a blue V4. Since i got it , the... aquabike has been used at least twice a week. The results are fantastic. If i have an advice don't hesitate, get one and get started!read more
Céline Castel
Céline Castel
13:47 15 Aug 19
I'm happy with the purchase, it was easy to get additional information from the seller. I got a handwritten personal note inside the box which shows a great dedication to caring for customers.
Dorota Gutkowska
Dorota Gutkowska
02:24 31 Jul 19
Extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff, would highly recommend.
Annalie Gilmartin
Annalie Gilmartin
20:53 22 Jul 19
Really appreciated the time and effort Aquatec put into showcasing/explaining their products. They were great to deal with, and I highly recommend their range if you are looking for an easy-to-use... fitness solution.read more
Bruce Porter
Bruce Porter
05:52 16 Jul 19
Great local company to deal with. The products are really interesting and the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. For something different, try out an aquabike.
David B
David B
10:21 14 Jul 19
Very friendly and accommodating with information. Great to deal with. 👍
oliver gilmartin
oliver gilmartin
06:14 30 Jun 19

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