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Start Treadmilling the aquafitness way

Aquarunning has transformed the way you think of Treadmills. Now, instead of having a harsh, sweaty work out, with a machine that doesn’t quite go to your pace you can use an Aquarunning Treadmill from Aquatec. Aquarunning provides a low impact exercise that is still highly effective. This allows anyone who finds running on a Treadmill hurting their joints a new way to run, while still gaining all the benefits of a standard Treadmill. Whether you are recovering from an injury, are elderly, overweight or an athlete an Aquarunning Treadmill will transform your workout. Aquarunning is perfect for anyone looking for an effective exercise for cardio fitness, weight loss and general firming and toning. To get started in Aquarunning get an Aquatec Treadmill today!   

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Why Get An Aquafitness Treadmill From Aquatec?

Aquatec offers high quality treadmills perfect for AquarunningEvery Treadmill is supplied with a nonskid belt, 3 handrails, and 9 colours to choose from. An Aquarunning Treadmill provides the perfect exercise for anyone at different fitness levels. The Treadmill allows you to set the pace, instead of you having to keep up with it. Resistance in the water provides an increased force to push against that slowly builds the faster you go. Whether you want to go at a slow pace, or need to go fast, this treadmill has got you covered, providing an excellent workout either way.

  • High Quality Marine Grade Aluminium
  • Easy Assembly
  • Non-Skid Belt Guided on Aluminium Shafts
  • 9 Colours Available
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • We ship Oceania wide

Delivery time may vary depending on stock availability on hand. For bulk orders, please contact Aquatec for further information.

High Quality Treadmills From Aquatec

When you choose a Treadmill from Aquatec you will be receiving a high-quality Treadmill 100% manufactured in France. Each treadmill is made with marine grade aluminium, meaning it is designed to last whether submerged or not. This is combined with its sealed A4 stainless steel bearings analuminium shafts for the non-stick belt, providing you with a high quality Treadmill that you can trust. We are confident in its build quality, so we back it up with a 3 year warranty plus a 6 month warranty for wearing parts. So you can work hard with confidence.

Available in 9 Exciting Colours

aquatec colour options


Ideal For

Whole Family &

People with Reduced Mobility


White, Grey Aluminium,

Slate Grey, Water Green,

Sky Blue, Light Blue,

Yellow, Pink, Red


Made of Marine Grade Aluminium
Non-Slip Drive Belt, Guided on Aluminium Rollers
Stainless Steel Sealed Bearings A4



Comes With 3 Bars
To position at Your Choice: 2 Side or 1 Front
Easy Installation
Easy Adjustment of The Tension of The Belt



Carpet : 130 CM X 80 CM

Training Band : 110 CM X 56 CM

Surface Area : 70 CM X 56 CM

Maintenance Tips

It is simple to keep your Aquatec Treadmill in tip top shape. Simply follow the care instructions below and you will be able to enjoy your Treadmill for longer.


  • To keep the Treadmill in the best condition you should always rinse it with fresh water and wipe it down as soon as it is out of the pool.
  • Ensure that you do not drop your Treadmill. Drops can cause damage to the frame, compromise the effectiveness of the Treadmill.
  • When not in use, store your AquaNess Treadmill in a dry and ventilated room.
  • You should regularly check the pH balance of your pool. It is preferable that you do this before putting your Treadmill in the pool. When measuring, your pool water should be neutral or slightly basic.
  • If you need to put chlorine, salt or other chemicals in your pool, ensure that you perform the treatments away from the Treadmill. This avoids high-concentrations or spills from damaging your treadmill.


Each treadmill that you purchase from Aquatec comes with:

  • A 3-year warranty against all maintenance defects, subject to the maintenance tips.
  • A 6-month warranty on all high wear parts.
  • French designed and made.
  • A frame made with marine grade 6000 series aluminium.

Note: If your pool's pH balance is the cause of defects the warranty will no longer apply. Check your pool's pH balance regularly to ensure that it is balanced. Check maintenance tips for more information.

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Start improving your health and cardiovascular fitness without stressing your body out! With the help of buoyancy in water, you'll be strengthening your muscles and feeling refreshed after a great workout. Enquire now and get a Treadmill from Aquatec today!