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Promote in depth muscle work and improve balance and coordination with an Aquajumping trampoline. Aquajumping is perfect for anyone who is recovering from an injury, or is aiming to work their abdominal muscles, thighs and glutes. The resistance of the water provides a deep muscle workout, toning and strengthening, while also providing a low impact landing perfect for rehabilitation. Aquajumping has long been a European favourite workout and has since taken the U.S.A by storm, now it’s Australia’s turn! Aquatec supplies high quality trampolines from AquaNess straight out of France. Get started in Aquajumping today with a trampoline from Aquatec.  

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Why Get An Aquafitness Trampoline From Aquatec?

If you need a high quality trampoline to jump right into Aquajumping then look no further. Aquatec supplies the best trampolines for AquajumpingAquatec is the sole supplier in Australia for AquaNess’ high quality aqua fitness equipment. Each trampoline by AquaNess is 100% manufactured in France meaning that you can rely on its European design and quality. AquaNess’ trampolines use marine grade 6000 series aluminium for the frame and handlebar, ensuring their longevity when exposed to salt and chlorine. They also employ an epoxy paint that is highly resistant to salty and chlorinated water, meaning your trampoline will last. We are very confident in the quality of our products, so we provide a 3 year warranty on the frame and handlebar. Aquatec is the only place to get the best aqua fitness equipment.

  • Made From Marine Grade 6000 Series Aluminium
  • 8 Legs With Suction Cups to Stick to the Base of Your Pool
  • Detachable Handlebar
  • Available in 9 Colours
  • 3 Year Warranty on Frame & Handlebar
  • We ship Oceania wide

Delivery time may vary depending on stock availability on hand. For bulk orders, please contact Aquatec for further information.

High Quality Trampolines

Aquatec’s light-weight high quality trampolines will get you started in Aquajumping with ease. The easy to assemble, 102cm diameter, trampoline is perfect for any beginner or even an athlete looking to workout with AquajumpingEach trampoline comes with a detachable handlebar and 8 suction cups equipped legs to keep the trampoline stable through your whole workout. You can even customise your trampoline to your liking with up to 9 different colours to choose from! Get started in Aquajumping with a high quality trampoline from Aquatec today! 

Available in 9 Exciting Colours

aquatec colour options



White, Grey Aluminium,

Slate Grey, Water Green,

Sky Blue, Light Blue,

Yellow, Pink, Red


Made of 6000 Series Marine Grade Aluminium
PBi-Component Epoxy Paint,
Resistant to Salt & Chlorine
High Strength Jumping Canvas,
Polyester Woven Mesh,
PVC Coating



8 Cupping Feet for Maximum Support
Elastic Cord Cushioning


Equipment Weight

10 KG

Maximum Weight Supported

150 KG

Maintenance Tips

It is simple to keep your Aquatec trampoline in tip top shape. Simply follow the care instructions below and you will be able to enjoy your trampoline for longer.


  • To keep the trampoline in the best condition you should always rinse it with fresh water and wipe it down as soon as it is out of the pool.
  • Ensure that you do not drop your trampoline. Drops can cause damage to the frame, compromise the effectiveness of the trampoline.
  • When not in use, store your AquaNess trampoline in a dry and ventilated room.
  • You should regularly check the pH balance of your pool. It is preferable that you do this before putting your trampoline in the pool. When measuring, your pool water should be neutral or slightly basic.
  • If you need to put chlorine, salt or other chemicals in your pool, ensure that you perform the treatments away from the trampoline. This avoids high-concentrations or spills from damaging your trampoline.


Each trampoline that you purchase from Aquatec comes with:

  • A 3-year warranty against all maintenance defects, subject to the maintenance tips.
  • A 6-month warranty on all high wear parts.
  • French designed and made.
  • A frame made with marine grade 6000 series aluminium.

Note: If your pool's pH balance is the cause of defects the warranty will no longer apply. Check your pool's pH balance regularly to ensure that it is balanced. Check maintenance tips for more information.

Get An Aquatec Trampoline today

Feel better and enjoy some fun on our underwater trampolines while still getting an amazing workout without the stresses and pressures of wear and tear on your joints. Enquire now and get a Trampoline from Aquatec today!