Meet the face of Aquatec and the story behind the latest Aquafitness trend to hit Australian shores

Aquatec founder, Elodie, loves AquaFitness. When she moved to Australia from France she noticed that it was very hard to experience the benefits of Aquafitness with no retailers or facilities in the country. While she tried the popular spinning classes, she found it too much in the Australian heat. Elodie immediately made the connection between Australian’s love of fitness, the water, and desire to escape the heat, so she founded Aquatec.


Aquatec aims to deliver a new, fun exercise that can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter their age or fitness level. By offering this new experience, Aquatec wants to keep people excited and motivated towards exercise and healthy living. With its cool (literally) twist, AquaFitness is a fun, pool based workout that has begun to take Australia by storm. All thanks to Aquatec!

Aquatec founder Elodie Amann



Elodie Amann is an accomplished engineer, having worked extensively in the mining and construction industries. While living in France she fell in love with AquaFitness in 2010, after her Godmother invited her along to a class in a small village. The class was an instant hit with Elodie who was surprised at how great of a workout AquaFitness provides. Plus, seeing her Godmother giggling and having fun, after not having exercised for 15 years, was wonderful to see. When Elodie moved to Australia she was surprised by the lack of AquaFitness options. For a country that loves the water, and loves fitness it was surprising to barely see the workout that brings the two together. So, she set it upon herself to bring the craze from Europe to Australia. Founding Aquatec in 2018, Elodie is loving the response she has received. Whenever she hears about the extraordinary results from those using Aquatec’s equipment she could not be prouder.