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As an accredited NDIS supplier, the health and wellbeing of all persons, regardless of their abilities is a focus for our company.

Aquatec Fitness is currently the only NDIS registered supplier able to provide high quality, professional grade hydrotherapy exercise equipment to the Australian market. Designed and manufactured in France, the Aquatec range of hydrotherapy exercise products is currently used throughout Europe, USA and Australia in numerous rehabilitation and hydrotherapy facilities. The Aquatec Fitness range of products incorporates many features such as handrails, adjustable fittings and non-slip surfaces, to maximise the ease of use for persons of varying ability. Through collaboration with local physiotherapists and care providers in Australia, Aquatec Fitness is proud to now be able to recommend suitable products from our range to assist NDIS participants in achieving their rehabilitation, mobility and fitness goals.


Available in 9 Exciting Colours

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Our products are used extensively in hydrotherapy for the purpose of rehabilitation, mobility, and low impact exercise applications and are suitable for use in the home setting or in professional facilities. Our range of aquabikes, trampolines, and treadmills are available through all NDIS programs. Please speak with your health professional regarding the NDIS application process or give us a call and we will be happy to assist. Certain products may be available at either no out-of-pocket expense or significantly subsidised cost for qualified NDIS participants.

Aquatec founder Elodie Amann



Elodie Amann is an accomplished engineer, having worked extensively in the mining and construction industries. While living in France she fell in love with AquaFitness in 2010, after her Godmother invited her along to a class in a small village. The class was an instant hit with Elodie who was surprised at how great of a workout AquaFitness provides. Plus, seeing her Godmother giggling and having fun, after not having exercised for 15 years, was wonderful to see. When Elodie moved to Australia she was surprised by the lack of AquaFitness options. For a country that loves the water, and loves fitness it was surprising to barely see the workout that brings the two together. So, she set it upon herself to bring the craze from Europe to Australia. Founding Aquatec in 2018, Elodie is loving the response she has received. Whenever she hears about the extraordinary results from those using Aquatec’s equipment she could not be prouder.

How to pick the right aquabike model for you?

Do you need more help deciding on the right Aquabike model for you? We have developed an easy way for you to make the right choice to suit your body type and physical needs. Simply click on the button below for help. If you have any further questions about our Aquabikes, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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